This thing is ‘USEFULL’

So, today we are going to talk(write{type[discuss]}) about a eminent (very imported {important[very very important]}) topic(issue{Facebook [Fact]})

So the Facebook is that why left click is in the left of right click…


I am like this…

So cause my apology is submited so we can continue the imported discussion on the Facebook, so the Facebook was that why left click is to the left of right click ?
Answer- Cause the right click button said that, it want’s to be in the center…
Then the scroll button said

After a discussion of 1.25 * 10^1000000000000000000000 years the mouse family decided that they are leaving the job…

Then Tim Cook (Apple CEO) came and said, We are apple and we believe in-

So we will make no left or right click buttons….

{I was typing fact and it auto corrected to Facebook, So fact became Facebook and same with the imported it was important}


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