Aanya- A human

So, As most of you already know, I have been a classmate of Aanya since past 2 years (But now I am sadly not)…

First impression (1)- So on the first day of class 7, Aanya sat on the last bench of last row (I have a phonographic memory [but it is inactive during studies ]). The first thing which I thought – Has she entered the correct class?? (Is that person going to be my classmate) {That is what I usually think about a new student}…
When most students entered and everybody started talking (I and Aanya were the first ones to usually enter the classroom), I thought Can she actually speak?

{I am able to conclude (from that photo in my memory) that she was really nervous…}

She challenged me- Like who scores better in Half Yearly Exams

(In science){I thought I could do it easily do it (I used to score really well in Science [80 on 80, the previous year; 39.5 out of 40 (half a mark more than Aanya) in UT-2])}


My reaction seeing my grades be like

I could not believe I got 72.5

My First Reaction to Soaring Firebolt- This is a website, This is a nice website, This so OP!
The books – Nice !

The poems-

Like I had for the first time felt the lack of words to praise something (positively)…

I forgot what to write ahead so

12 Replies to “Aanya- A human”

  1. First of all I was not nervous ayushman had just told me no watches were allowed so i was flabbergasted and hey I miss having you in class too, not much competition without you
    Second, at least I scored better in finals and half yearly both times highest in class and i had 104 fever beat that,
    third, you actually had no words? seriously but you can always describe anything and like all the time you have atleast 10-20 words ready to describe anything, Thanks!
    And Thank you so much for posting this!!
    This is such an awesome post!

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    1. Wait! Ayush is, was and will be a ….. {I forgot the word which I chose for Ayush soooo}
      Carrying something in school was never a problem for new students soooo (Anushka carried her phone)
      you could just be asked to keep that in bag and nothing….

      Skiiiippp the middle and come to the WORDS….
      Soooo like.. stupendous marvelous fabulous tremendously awersomely magical ,
      astounding unparalleled matchless or any other phrase which I used could not be found appropriate by me (I can write a lots of words in praise of something without google or something) So I said I am speechless 😶 ………

      [I previously posted the same comment with my other account but it was good that I didn’t approved it…]

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