How ‘NOT’ to comment… (1)

OK so let’s talk about the weird comments I do but

(I should drop the drop cap)

Do you remember that I created this account for just doing comments in This Blog
Sooo Finally we are on that topic…

So let me show you the marvelous comments I have done-
(If you are on anchor{Spotify } then go visit the blog on WordPress)

As you see this is sooo recent and here I commented on Shamit’s blog It was a book review by some human known as Shamit, The book was like- The Headless Ghost
And there I came up with comment; so, isn’t funny (OK I know that U don’t care and I am sad on it )

This is the end of my weird comments part- 1 {More of it are coming soon so stay tuned }

So that sounds weird but now this is the time to discuss what YOU should write in comments instead of being not funny (What do I wanna say IDK)

For this blog you should tell me in the comments that should there more parts of this series (How ‘NOT’ to comment…) So go comment down 👇

I am like; should I type what I wanna type and also I have to type 2 more blogs so BYE 👋

Rahul Gandhi Khatam Tata Good bye Gaya / Funny speech / Meme Template on  Make a GIF

Don’t make a (Whattt I just wrote GF instead of GIF)…

Is that even possible like 0 drafts but One is there

OK is that possible!!!! and also why the heck I am exposing my pat (Why the heck ! I forgot ‘S’) plans (cause I am never publishing that one and it should come in THIS BLOG)

5 Replies to “How ‘NOT’ to comment… (1)”

  1. I seriously don’t know why and how did I make it to the end of this blog🤦‍♀️..
    Also you can definitely come up with a second part cause I am just too bored that I can read ANYTHING..


    1. Like what U mean to say sometimes I feel that you are saying that my blog is ‘anything’ and Was is supperrrrrrrrr difficult to make it u to the end of the blog……..

      (Of course! I again comprehended the wrong way so noooooo seriousness)


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