A weird dream-

It is 3:48 am and I just woke up 10 minutes before and now because it is quarter to four so I woke up in the morning not in night… (I was not awake the whole night cuz mum did not let me do that)
I just woke up after a strange dream and let me tell you about it from the start…
Just 13.8 billion years ago due to the big bang the universe was formed and then…
Ok not from that start…

The dream starts where my(our) favorite science teacher was teaching us how clouds are formed (In very very detailed way ). Then suddenly there is a black piece of cloth in front of my eyes and everything is black for me then I start to walk and as that cloth vanishes I am on the middle lane of the National Highway (My house and even my school are just in front of the national highway{I am not telling like the number(Like NH1 or NH100) or you will get the name of our city})
But then I easily return to the class and sit on my bench and no one cares (Not even me)
I continue to study and teacher tells us about Names of various shapes of clouds (IDK why but my subconscious mind believes that there are names of shapes of clouds) Then the same incident happens again and then again the 3rd time I am standing at the middle of the road And again no body cares when I am back to the class…
(I am always imagining myself to be in class 7th not in 8th or 9th because I never went to school in class 8th or 9th)

And then everything changes the students the teacher and me reaches my house and the lesson continues; now to making clouds, But now I again get to highway but this time it was in front of my house And then when I enter my house back everyone is is making clouds by some magic or what IDK and then I thought 🤔 Ye kuchh jyada fake nahi hai !!

Then I open my eyes and I am in absolute blank space (In a science class again). I was sitting in space like only space no stars or anything but just a blank space where my current science teacher was teaching something to invisible students and I was unable to hear what he was saying I was only able to see myself on a bench and that bench was also invisible the teacher was like only having a head and rest all invisible..

Then I opened my eyes in real life and went to look at the clock once and it was 3:24 (something like that) then I felt let me sleep for some more time and I woke up at nearly 3:40 …

I went to school for studying science and class 7th was the best also I remembered everything taught in science class and I enjoyed classes a lot…
But now the things are like blank, That is because I am listening Sugar Crash instead of the teacher also the teacher is not that good…

It is soooo hard to find an image for this as I have been searching for it for soooo long..


SNF is telling

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