The best Scientists on earth…

So today we will talk about how quick facts spread in INDIA
Take a look at this story:

Once upon a time there was a king, he was talking about the reason for white hair in humans and a slave heard him and told the other slave that the king has got one white hair, then the other slave told the third slave that the king has got a few white hair, then the other slave was told that the king has a lots of white hair and another one heard that all the hair of king are white, then the rumor spread that the king has became very old and will die soon; the people started to ask king to make the prince who was just 11 the kin g and the king was surprised, he got the information of the rumor and then to clarify the doubt of people he arranged a meeting and solved the matter.

Now you might think that this is the end and and such ‘fact enhancement‘ only takes place in stories but that is not the case, in India (The India which I have discovered) people are so innocent that they believe whatever they listen or hear or see or even think.

The people are sooo innocent that they name themselves innocent

These ‘abilities’ to spread facts can be harmful(dangerous) during this Covid 19 pandemic.

(The citizens who do not believe in sience= people)

What people think of covid- This spreads through air and the 5G network and it causes heart attack and sudden death at any time. the time period it takes to show symptoms is an hour or maybe lesser. Covid was made by God and scientists are stupid and can not stupid
(jiski maut aa rahi hai vo marega hi marega). Vaccines are useless and each 11 out of 8 people die who get vaccinated.
And the they only way to survive is spread these facts all over the world cause this was directly given by god. What people thing of covid tests is that even if a rock or pebble will be tested positive in the present.

Every bit of these facts came from the news channels, let me explain.

Their thumbnail is so ******* (Beep beep beep…)

The problem not here is with the news but the thumbnail and the people.
People do not watch the full news and just spread the home made fact.

Look at this story.

Person 1- watching news
news anchor – Does covid spreads through air, so here we have our expert Mr Mad who will tell us about this

AD Break
A few minutes later – Person1 – Mai jaa raha hu chota bheem dekne…

A few hours latter
Person1 (saying to person2 on WhatsApp)- Do you know I heard on news that Covid spreads through air.

{Even though he did not watched the whole thing and just on the basis of thumbnail he made a fact}

How I react to these people-

And the thing we can do to stay away of these people is to not directly believe on something people tell us, Such *!_#^* people are spreading rumors and disrespecting science which is not good so we should oppose them and try not be one of these home made scientists…

6 Replies to “The best Scientists on earth…”

  1. I totally agree with this. People just add you know mirch masala to everything and spread rumours and that makes me go “Ugghh”🙄🙄
    And lol there’s a real person called Innocent?😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TOTALLY true!!! Some days ago a video came on my WhatsApp telling that COVID can be cured by putting 2 drops of lemon juice in each of your nostrils and I was like, “Are you serious?!”


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