French- An Exception

Disclaimer- Just for fun and keep your bhawana in control

BHAWNA नाम की यह लड़की कौन है, अगर मुझे वह मिल जाए, तो मैं उसका मुंह तोड़ दूंगा। लोग उसके कारण नियंत्रण से बाहर हैं

Let’s talk about French the ‘exception’.
French has more exceptions than original words; Just like France has more tourists than it’s own inhabitants.
Don’t think that I do not know any thing about this language (the one with so many silent letters.)
I had studied it for four years.(If you re not my ex-classmate then I know more French than you)
Take A look at this video to understand what I wanna say-

Leaving the accents away, we would talk about the habbit of classifying things as male or fe-male.
Now how do they(French people) decide what is male or fe-male; there is no rocket science it is just an ‘E’ in the end makes anything feminine.
E is the most written letter in French not spoken as ‘E’ is silent most of the times as the letter with which the word ends is never pronounced.

This is just not the reason Why I quit studying French.
Each French book has the first chapter about culture of France. This was fine till here but they even want us to learn the names of wines. I remember some of them- Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Beaujolais. It was all fine up till here. French have named the cities on the names of wines. There are cities named as Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne and Beaujolais. {Me be like- Modi ji Royal Stag naam ki city kidhar hai.}

The thing is studying French carries away you from your culture and traditions even your language.
{One of the fellow bloggers does not even knows the
मातृ भाषा of herself even does not knows the meaning of
मातृ भाषा and if you do not even know then- }

I just want to say one thing to French-

I do not like anything French except Marseille (National Anthem)
And French fries 🍟 were never French.

Now I do wish to write ahead otherwise French be like

Bye Bye
Au revoir

(I mean – )

9 Replies to “French- An Exception”

  1. Yep, there ARE a LOT of exceptions in French
    Seriously, the person who created French either LOVED exceptions or HATED the people who learnt French at that time and now WE have to suffer.
    And actually, it is really clever of you to mention French now that it can’t even bother you much… Free idea for a post.
    Anyways, cool post

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  2. Haha Ik…French is kinda idiotic…I mean why do you need so many exceptions?? And so many rules Arghhh….I hate ’em…Also they have like 3 accents for the same letter!! Like why??? Huhh… if you are native french speaker it may be easier to comprehend it but if you’re not then it’s a torture to even TRY to understand it…However, even after all of this I like French cause it’s a beautiful language and it has some very beautiful words and when you hear someone say them with the TRUE French accent you just simply LOVE IT!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I was watching Hera Pheri for almost the 1000th time yesterday…Even in my dreams I could hear “Mast joke maara re baba” and now this…Also this is a blog? I’ll just go check!

        Liked by 1 person

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