Priyamvada Tyagi(PV)

This post is about how I misjudged Priyamvada…
So I was not getting ideas for a new post that is why I thought let me edit a draft and publish. Ok let us get into the post-

PV joined the school when We were in 8th; I saw her name in the class list and I was like-
I am so annoyed, New students are bad (Even I was a new student a day) {I was facing mood swings at that time actually }
I was angry and sad because the old students(my friends) were leaving the school and some new unknown creatures were joining us.
Then I thought – Why should I care .

Then at the time of appreciation day I was not selected for compeering. (even I got to know about that event when it had ended and of course I missed it).
I was not sad cause I knew new students are always given a chance, and this was not the first time. (Shamit has been always affected by this{He was selected in elocution and then he was not given the chance as a new student got it. He was selected to speak for the motion and I was selected to speak against the motion {It would have been so cool that our class won both the awards}but then a student who was not really good at anything soo she got a chance to show speaking skills, And of course she lost})
This blog is on PV so let us talk about her. I thought she was another student who could do nothing. But then when her team won another competition Then I was like

But once I was roaming around with my mum and I just passed near by her.
She was there with her mum and then we talked and I got to know a fact that she was daughter of our past English teacher.
I then again misjudged her thinking she is soo formal like other nerd of our class
I was wrong again PV in the present is one of my really good friends.

From this we can conclude that we should not judge people on the basis of our thoughts.
And now I am in a problem

Should this be published or not.
OK I will publish it cuz PV is sooo nervous about what I wrote for her…

BTW I was watching TV, a news channel and I was thinking these are the people who fought Mahabharata cause the noise(sound) of that repeated sound effect of a sword was annoying me .

10 Replies to “Priyamvada Tyagi(PV)”

  1. Ok…So…I mean…I am speechless…Like I have never been judged(or maybe I am no one ever told me)…I too hate new kids and hating new kids is fine cause you don’t know how they are gonna turn out to be…And me winning competitions was as ironical as being selected for Appreciation Day competing…I mean I gave an audition for something and one day they suddenly ad me to a group and say you HAVE BEEN SELECTED…I was not permitted to say NO…also my first encounter with you was like “HE IS TALL”…I was continuously being nerdy since that day(maybe because I m a teacher’s ward which sucks -_-) Also, I judge too quickly n too often so not your fault…I mean during the exam time you were not even a foot away from me and I did not even say a HI…You won’t believe how much I regretted it later(also during the exams I was wearing WINTER UNIFORM which made me look nerdier)…But when BY CHANCE PHA added me to the bloggers’ group I started being an idiot(At first I thought I was being ignored by you n BWS cause I was talking to PHA for almost a year then)…But I kept talking and then you REPLIED! That was when I finally felt accepted…Then I became the REAL PV n that PV talks to you every day, becomes a muffin, tells you how messed up her life is and how similar we are…

    So after writing this Huge gigantic big fat comment I would end by saying that I finally got a Great First-ever GUY BUDDY…And I am thankful for that 😊😉
    #BWS #PHA #SNF #PV #Idon’tknowmorehashtags HEHE


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      1. hehe…I like PHA better..(even tho it does sound like a chemical element)
        I mean bruh (bruh girls *memory flashback*) who cares?

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  2. Hmmm, LOL, this is my case with all the people, I misjudged them thinking they are too sincere and innocent but when I got to know the reality, I was like 😑, seh lenge thoda


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