ABOUT a HU man

Sadly !!!! I had to delete the stuff over here …

Oh boi ! you came here before reading the blogs ..

go and read them ,if they are still existing .

Read the about me blog to know about me cause the about me section is in about me so got go go read it (and waste your time doing so… OK but you can read it …)

The thing which I have written about; and what I have written defines how a stupid I am, I AM NOT ; I am a muffin head. Some people are potter head, some bookworms and I am a Muffin Head . So that is my title/quality…. (does that says that I am nuts??? )

Let us waste some more time, more electricity, more energy and reduce the chances of healthy eyes 👀 in old age (You would be like hmm….)….

I was thinking that am I a Slytherin, Raven Claw or a Slyther Claw …. I do not know butttttt I am the one who makes up wrong spellings .

After all I am a HU man (a HUMAN) ….


I am an almost 15 guy who is randomly posting so called funny things on this site and just waits for your comments as they are the most precious to me…